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Historical Newsletters

A list of topics from our various historical newsletters can be found below.  Click on any icon to download that issue of Benefit Bylines. 

Spring 2016

  • Regulatory Update

  • DOL Fiduciary/Conflict of Interest Proposal Stirs Controversy

  • IRS Grants Additional Flexibility to Sponsors of Safe Harbor Plans

  • DOL Guidance Favors State-Run Retirement Plans Over Private Sector Arrangements

  • Proposed Changes Would Impact Class Allocation (cross-tested) Plans

  • Closing Editorial Comments

Winter 2015-2016

  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance vs. ERISA Fidelity Bonds -- What’s the Difference?

  • Misclassifying Workers Can Be Expensive

  • The Saver’s Credit-A Well Kept Secret

  • What You Need to Know About myRAs

  • State-Run Retirement Savings Plans

Fall 2015

  • PPA Restatement Countdown

  • Effective Communications Can Avoid Problems and Create Opportunities

  • Form 5500 – Extended Extension

  • Legislation Changes Tax Return Filing Deadlines

  • ABP CEFEX Certification Renewal

Summer 2015

  • Is Your Welfare Plan In Compliance With ERISA

  • Employer Contribution Options

  • IRS Extends Pre-Approved Plan Opportunity to Cash Balance and ESOP Plans

  • Paying for Employee Medical Insurance Pre-Tax Requires a Section 125 Plan

Spring 2015

  • PPA Plan Document Restatement

  • Cybersecurity Update

  • IRS Identifies Top Compliance Concerns

  • Correcting Elective Deferral Errors

  • Automatic Contribution Arrangements – Time to Re-Visit?

  • ABP Quarter Century Club

Fall 2014

  • PPA Plan Document Restatement Time Again

  • Washington Update

  • Should You Consider a Cash Balance Plan?

  • Small Plan Audit Exemption Not Absolute

  • Survey Says 401(k) Plan is a “Must Have” Employee Benefit

  • DOL Inspector General Audits EBSA

Summer 2014

  • PPA Plan Document Restatement

  • Safe Harbor Election Escape Clause

  • Failed 401(k) Plan Discrimination Testing

  • Welfare Plans Require Form 5500 Filings Too

  • Affordable Care Act – Mixed Reviews

Spring 2014

  • Restatement Time Again

  • Supreme Court Decision Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage Has Far-Reaching Implications

  • IRS Reverses Position On IRA Rollovers

  • Our Employees Don’t Appreciate It

Winter 2013-2014

  • Washington Update

  • Participant Fee Disclosure - Timing Relief

  • New Guidance for the Suspension of Safe Harbor Contributions

  • Auto Enrollment Pros and Cons

  • IRS Modifies "Use it or Lose it Rule"

  • IRS Sends Filing Requirements Reminder to One-Participant Plans

  • ACA Impacts Some Section 125 Plans

  • Retirement Plan Limits

Fall 2013

  • Fee Disclosure Timing Relief

  • Are you a Candidate for a Cash Balance Plan?

  • DOMA Ruling Impacts Retirement Plans

  • Pros and Cons of Detailed IPS

  • Health Exchange Mandate Impacts Some Cafeteria Plans

Summer 2013

  • Washington Update

  • Save My 401(k) Campaign Continues

  • Sample Save My 401(k) Employee Notice

  • Expanded Roth Conversion and Extended Charitable IRA Rollover Opportunities

  • Maximize Contributions While You Can

Spring 2013

  • Important Note

  • Fiscal Cliff avoided

  • Obama Administration Budget Includes Disturbing Retirement Provisions

  • ABP Analysis and Opinion – The Obama Budget and More

  • Grassroots Lobbying Works

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