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Our Approach

With the help of our experienced, dedicated team, ABP has distinguished itself from other providers, large and small. Our 3 C’s developed naturally over our 30+ years in business, and we believe they put our clients in the best position to maintain a successful retirement program.


First and foremost, ABP’s responsibility to keep our clients in compliance with the complex and ever-expanding retirement plan rules and regulations set forth by the IRS, DOL and Treasury.  Years of experience contributes to the significant breadth of knowledge possessed by our staff.  Many of ABP’s administrators have designations from ASPPA (American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries) and subject themselves to continuing education requirements annually to maintain their designations and keep their skills sharp. Further, ABP makes it a company priority to stay on the cutting edge of changes throughout our industry.


In recent years, 401(k) plans have become commoditized. Many service providers offer a “one-size fits all” retirement plan. Plans are too often homogenized so that they can be more easily sold to different types of employers. There is little customization because providers are doling out a “plain vanilla” plan.

At ABP, we take a different approach. You would never take a business plan from your neighboring business and implement it at your office. So why take that strategy with your retirement plan? ABP engages in thorough fact-finding to understand each client’s goals and to create a customized plan that will accomplish those objectives.

Beyond initial plan design, we often have clients approach us with unusual issues and fact patterns. ABP's staff has years of experience with problem-solving and finding creative solutions for our clients.


There is no question that the retirement plan industry is a service industry. Although the tasks we perform can be highly technical, it is often the service aspect that has the biggest personal impact on our clients. We have met with countless new clients frustrated with even the basics of good service:  they couldn't get a simple return call from their previous provider.


Customer service is an integral part of ABP's culture. Customer service standards have been incorporated in our formal employee handbook. Our employees take personal pride in their customer service and maintaining satisfied clients. 

We understand that a cell center will never be a substitute for speaking with a dedicated representative who has full knowledge and history of your plan. At ABP, each plan is assigned to a dedicated plan administrator who is responsible to both clients and ABP management for overall quality and timeliness of plan services.

You don’t have to take our word for these statements. ABP’s business was built entirely on referrals from service partners and clients. We have a substantial list of clients willing to act as references.

Advisor and Accountant Support

ABP is totally independent from any other organization. However, we believe that our clients are best served when we are able to form service partnerships with our clients' other professional advisors. This nearly always includes the plan's designated investment advisor and often takes advantage of the expertise and perspective of the employer's accountant or attorney.

ABP provides valuable support to advisors and accountants in all facets of a client relationship, from sales and initial plan design projections to annual service and consulting support.

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